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Oz Locks are quality Sydney locksmiths, providing locksmith and security services to Sydney suburbs - at all hours.

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Alarm Monitors Sydney

Here at Oz Locks we offer the premier alarm monitoring service across the whole of Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Nobody can beat the quick reaction speeds of our alarm monitors, meaning your home is not just better protected when you work alongside our monitors, but you, the police, and anybody else you deem necessary to call will be informed the moment an intrusion is detected at your property.


The need for high quality alarm monitors Sydney wide is simple, though it’s fair to argue the problem isn’t one exclusive to Sydney CBD. Thanks to each and every one of us hearing a number of sirens throughout our day, often simultaneously, it becomes easy to ignore alarms and not become startled should one start up nearby. In the past we may have ran towards the sound of an alarm, instantly calling the police when we noticed somebody breaking into a neighbor's house, but this simply isn’t the case anymore.


This is where alarm monitors play their part. Due to us all becoming desensitised to the sound of alarms and sirens we can’t rely on others to protect our property on our behalf anymore. When you choose to work with us here at Oz Locks we will set your alarm system up so it sends alerts to our alarm monitoring centre should a break in take place, either via wireless connection or via your telephone line, so our monitors can immediately take action, getting in touch with you, the police, and anybody else you deem necessary to call.


Even if from the outside observer it simply seems like nothing is happening and your house alarm is just being allowed to ring out, in the background the police will be making their way to your home in no time to see to the situation, and possibly even catch the culprit in the act.


No other alarm monitoring service in all of Sydney can beat the quick reaction speeds of our monitors, meaning when you choose to work with us you know you’re working with the best of the best, utilising the most up-to-date technology available to protect your property. For more information about our how our alarm monitoring service can work for you, get in touch with our friendly staff here at Oz Locks today on 02 9630 5224, or by emailing us at info@ozlocks.com.au.