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Oz Locks are quality Sydney locksmiths, providing locksmith and security services to Sydney suburbs - at all hours.

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Alarms Installation and Maintenance In Sydney

Here at Oz Locks we believe having an alarm installation on your property, whether your home or business, is one of the best compliments you can put alongside strong locks and security systems so the ensure the safety of your property, and those residing within it. Serving Sydney and the suburbs, our alarm maintenance and installation services across Sydney are second to none, and we our proud to offer our services to you at a price that won’t break the bank.


No other Sydney alarm installation service can work as quickly and efficiently as our trained experts to get your alarm installed in no time, taking the stress out of having to live or work in an unprotected building. In the example of the family home, a simple alarm system can protect your home in two distinct ways, firstly by putting the burglar or vandal off ever stepping foot in your home (if there are a dozen houses nearby without an alarm, why would they pick on the one house with one), and secondly by scaring them away should they decide to take their chances and break into your property anyway, as nobody is going to hang around long in a building calling attention to itself by means of a loud, shrilling alarm in the middle of the night.


The best thing about choosing us for your alarm installation here at Oz Locks is we also offer some of the best quality, most cost effective deals on alarm maintenance Sydney wide. One of the worst things about hiring a maintenance crew for any job is they will always blame any problems on the workers before them. When you choose Oz Locks for both your installation and maintenence needs, not only can we guarantee the highest quality alarm installation Sydney wide, you can be sure should something go wrong with your new alarm, we will have the know-how to fit it in no time.


Alongside being the premier installer of alarms across Sydney and the surrounding suburbs, we also offer a premium 24/7 alarm monitoring service. If a burglar is brave enough to try his luck at your home or business, we will instantly receive a signal from your alarm telling us to respond in the most appropriate manner as soon as possible so to make sure the police and other necessary persons, such as yourself, are informed of the situation immediately. This service is especially useful if you are away when the burglary occurs, as rather than waiting for a neighbour to be vigilant enough to call the police, the situation is dealt with quickly and effectively at our end.


We are proud of the work we do to protects the homes, businesses, and families of Sydney. For more information about how we can install an alarm on your property, get in touch with our friendly staff here at Oz Locks today on 02 9630 5224, or by emailing us at info@ozlocks.com.au.