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Oz Locks are quality Sydney locksmiths, providing locksmith and security services to Sydney suburbs - at all hours.

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Sydney Automotive Locks

Here at Oz Locks we have a wide focus when it comes to providing security for the homes and business in and around Sydney. Despite this wide focus, our history is with locks and lock installations, and this is no more prominent than within our automotive locks service, available twenty-four hours a day across Sydney. Whether you find yourself in Sydney CBD or the suburbs, we will come to you in no time to solve your automotive issues and get you back on your way.


No other locksmiths across the city can compare to our quality of service and prices when it comes to fitting Sydney automotive locks. We use the very best materials and are stringent about our quality control procedures, meaning you can be sure you’re getting the best product, and service, from us every time.


Our automotive locks service here at Oz Locks goes far beyond simply replacing a lock on your vehicle. In most cases installing replacement locks will be the very last resort. When you give us a call we will come armed with a number of solutions to go through first and foremost, to ensure minimum expense to you, alongside minimum intrusion to your vehicle. We offer the following solutions:


  • Having a new key cut to see if it fixes the problem: If you can’t get into your vehicle because you’ve lost your keys, this will always be the first solution, though it’s also possible to go down this road if your current key isn’t working the way it should. We can cut and program keys for most makes and models through the use of factory key codes.
  • Re-keying the locks: This is a method of changing what key the lock will take without replacing the lock altogether. If you are unable to get a hold of your factory key codes (available through your dealer using your vehicle identification number), this is the second least intrusive way to go.
  • Installing replacement locks: Despite being the last resort, installing replacement locks never takes as long as you would think. We replace door locks as well as ignitions, and we are also able to offer repairs on said locks from time to time.


For more information about how we can quickly and easily fix a lock on your vehicle, get in touch with our friendly staff here at Oz Locks today on 02 9630 5224, or by emailing us at info@ozlocks.com.au.