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Oz Locks are quality Sydney locksmiths, providing locksmith and security services to Sydney suburbs - at all hours.

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CCTV Installation

CCTV installation is one of the easiest, most cost-efficient ways of monitoring your home or business twenty-four hours a day without having to always have somebody at the property to see to it personally. Here at Oz Locks we take CCTV (or closed circuit television) very seriously, as we believe a quality monitoring system, such as CCTV,  and a strong lock go hand in hand to protecting your property. We offer CCTV installation Sydney wide, including the suburbs, as there’s no length we won’t go to to keep your family safe, in and around Sydney.


Don’t Take Any Chances, Have us Install CCTV at Your Property Today


It’s common for customers to come to us asking for our CCTV installation service after they have been the victim of an unfortunate incident at their property. There is nothing worse than coming home to find your property has been broken into, with the criminals having stolen priceless items that have belonged in your family for years. To add insult to injury often criminals will vandalise your whole home, given the time, so to cover up their tracks. Within a matter of minutes your entire home will be unrecognisable, and you will have lost priceless family heirlooms forever.


It doesn’t have to be this way. Don’t take any chances by waiting around for your property to be targeted next. Our expert installation team here at Oz Locks of Sydney will fit your CCTV units in no time, providing you with the three important benefits only CCTV can bring: deterrence, evidence, and claims support:

  • Deterrence: Nothing deters a possible thief or vandal from your property quicker, and more effectively, than visible CCTV placed in obvious locations around the property.
  • Evidence: Should a thief or vandal break into your home in spite of your CCTV cameras, you can give your surveillance footage from the cameras to the local police so they can catch the offenders and bring them to trial.
  • Claims Support: If you have home insurance, no evidence for your insurance claim is more effective than surveillance footage showing the unfortunate act of theft or vandalism taking place in real time.


At Oz Locks we are proud of the work we do to protects the homes, businesses, and families of Sydney. For more information about how we can install CCTV at your property, get in touch with our friendly staff here at Oz Locks today on 02 9630 5224.