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Oz Locks are quality Sydney locksmiths, providing locksmith and security services to Sydney suburbs - at all hours.

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Key Cutting Sydney

Key cutting is one of our premier services here at Oz Locks, and we are proud to offer key cutting Sydney wide, whether you reside in Sydney CBD or out in the suburbs. Thanks to our strong history in the locksmiths and security industry in Sydney we can cut all types of keys, including any keys for your property (doors, windows, garages, and sheds) as well as a vast range of vehicle keys for all different makes and models.


Our electronic key cutting machines are top of the range, providing a perfect duplicate every time. Not only do your new keys come out perfectly, they also come out fast. No other key cutter in Sydney can match our cutting speeds here at Oz Locks, which goes someway to explaining why so many of our customers come back to us again and again for their Sydney key cutting needs.


Due to the highly precise nature of our cutting machines it’s important when you come to us that you bring either your master key, or one of your very first duplicates. Cutting machines will create an exact duplicate of the key it is given, but as keys are used over the years they will slowly get worn down and reduce in shape ever so slightly to a point that’s not noticeable to the human eye. Although our cutting machines are top of the range, other machines by less reputable key cutters will alter the shape of these duplicates even further, meaning a duplicate key four of five generations on from the master key may fit stiffly into your key barrel, if it fits at all. Choosing Oz Locks as your premier key cutter is the best way to overcome this, as the combination of our top of the range cutting machines and your master key will create the perfect duplicate.


Key cutting in Sydney has never been easier. Whether you have lost your keys and need a new set altogether, or you want to make the ultimate gesture by offering your partner a key to your home, we are here to help. For more information on how we can provide you with a perfect duplicate every time, get in touch with our friendly staff today on 02 9630 5224, or by emailing us at info@ozlocks.com.au.